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Pandemics vs. Post-War Recoveries – Ben Carlson/A Wealth of Common Sense

The 10-Month Moving Average Strategy – JC Parets/All Star Charts

Current market volatility and staying the course – Steve/The Trend Follower

Why a SIP in Small Cap Mutual Funds is a waste of money and time – Pattabiraman/Freefincal

Do Indian Batsmen Still Slow Down In The Nineties? – Karthik/Criconometrics

Mr. Boiling Frog

Tracking COVID-19 in the US – A tweetstorm by Rukmini Callimachi/NY Times

A Moving Average Strategy that Beats Buy and Hold – Steve Burns/Newtradeu

A 100-Year Chance to Shake Up Debt and Taxes – Andy Mukherjee/Bloomberg Opinion


How coronavirus almost brought down the global financial system – Adam Tooze/The Guardian

Your Internet is working. Thank these Cold War-era pioneers who designed it to handle almost anything – Craig Timberg Washington Post

Why the coronavirus lockdown is making the internet stronger than ever – Will Douglas Heaven/ MIT Technology Review

SoftBank: inside two weeks of turmoil that squeezed Masayoshi Son – Kana Inagaki, Leo Lewis, Arash Massoudi/FT

Coronavirus: is investment management the weak link? – Robin Wigglesworth/FT

Hedge-Fund Geniuses Failed Again. When Will We Learn? – John Authers/Bloomberg

An emergency shot for startups: what VCs are doing to salvage their investments in virulent times – Manu P Toms/Vijayakumar Pitchiah/ET Prime

Too Big to Fail, COVID-19 Edition: How Private Equity Is Winning the Coronavirus Crisis – Bethany McLean/Vanity Fair

If you had to do a trend following strategy, what would it be and why? – Valeriy Zakamulin Alpha Architect


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