A gaggle of links: matters of debate

Anish Does Covid-19 Prove the Stock Market is Inefficient – Ben Carlson/AWOCS Is (Systematic) Value Investing Dead? – Cliff Asness/AQR Is Market-Cap Weighting a Momentum Strategy in Disguise – Ben Johnson/Morningstar Quantitative Easing, MMT, and Inflation/Deflation: A Primer – Lyn Alden Mr. Boiling Frog The Agony Of Being A Franklin Templeton FoF Investor – MF…… Continue reading A gaggle of links: matters of debate

A gaggle of links

Anish Pandemics vs. Post-War Recoveries – Ben Carlson/A Wealth of Common Sense The 10-Month Moving Average Strategy – JC Parets/All Star Charts Current market volatility and staying the course – Steve/The Trend Follower Why a SIP in Small Cap Mutual Funds is a waste of money and time – Pattabiraman/Freefincal Do Indian Batsmen Still Slow…… Continue reading A gaggle of links