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A passive investor at present who was actively scammed once. Seduced by the humble beta, preaching to the choir now.

Pain in DHFL bonds continues

I can’t seem to get over this. Although the 40% YTM number on that 0 coupon bond is shocking, I can understand that, that bond is thinly traded. But even the other NCDs with relatively more volumes are yielding between…

Cheatsheet: DHFL crisis

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for NBFCs, they did. Unless you are living under a rock, then you’d have heard about the crisis gripping DHFL. Here’s what went down so far!

Crazy yields on DHFL bonds (NCDs)

Ola folks, here’s the first post on Nakedbeta. Well, you’ll be pretty much aware of the Cobrapost allegations against DHFL Finance. The stock was down 5.48% today. But what transpired in the bond markets was much crazier. The yields on…