Costly bullshit

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I love fiction! After all, who doesn’t love a fantasy that’s never gonna come true? Research reports by brokerages are some of my favorite works of fiction. I mean, the plot, the twists – these reports have made bullshitting an art form.

Free stock tips are like assholes, everybody has one.

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Every day tonnes of this bullshit is generated and retail investors mistake this bullshit for gold. And when that mistake is committed, This is the very costly result.

There are a gazillion other examples like these. The worst part is investors continue to afford them undue importance. At the end of the day, these reports are meant to do one thing – get you to do dumb shit and in the process generate some brokerage off you.

Here’s some muft advice for you as an investor:

By Passivefool

A passive investor at present who was actively scammed once. Seduced by the humble beta, preaching to the choir now.


  1. The problem is regulator (SEBI) is blind folded to all this. They have created regulation but not sure if there is any follow-up on whether those are being followed. The concept of arms length relationship between investment banking and research arms of a securities firm is also lacking in India. Entire focus of SEBI seems to be on regulating mutual funds, which is a tiny part of overall stock market investments. Investors are loosing money elsewhere!

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