This is a log of all interesting things I come across on the finternet (financial interest). F*** you, that’s a thing!

Seriously, what this site about you ask? I am but a humble investor who was actively scammed. I became a meek passive meek rat, riding the coattails of the active smarty-pants and savoring that sweet, tender, seductive, delectable and luscious BETA!

Given the sheer number of investors who actively scammed and sold daydreams every single day, this blog is my naked attempt to make them see SOME version of naked truth. BTW, none of this advice, I am just a curator.

What’s with the name?

Nothing! It’s just pure click bait. Who wouldn’t click on an URL with the work Naked in it?

Why should I waste my time here?

Don’t! Go watch Baalika Vadhu, Bird Box or other stupid shit and let the scamsters scam you out your money.