DHFL Pramerica MF investor communication on DHFL exposure

Well, DHFL Pramerica Mutual Fund finally sent out a communique to all its investors on the DHFL fiasco. Remember DHFL funds fell anywhere between 10% to 50% post the default by Dewan Housing (DHFL). Luckily for the mutual fund, it’s exposure was not as high as others such as UTI MF and Reliance MF and the schemes were small in size. But the fall in percentage terms looks horrific.

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Best held beliefs

Came across this tweet by Professor Sanjay Bakshi and I just had to share this. The ability to destroy our best held beliefs and ideas.

Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger on ₿itcoin 😂 🤣

I’m not a Buffet or a Munger fan boy nor do I think that investors should hang on every word of theirs. But, you’ll have to admit, these two can be incredibly funny. Here’s are 2 funny clip their views on Bitcoin.

Understanding the money markets with Zoltan Pozsar

Zoltan Pozsar is the Managing Director of Investment Strategy and Research at Credit Suisse. Prior to this, he was a senior adviser to the US treasury. So there is nobody better to explain what the money markets are, how they work, and the interplay with the broader economy.

In this absolutely fascinating conversation, Zoltan talks about everything from what money markets are, regulatory changes, yield curve inversion, to the impact of the inversion on carry trades and why foreign investors are cooling off on US debt.